Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Is Coming Soon!

The nations of the world are currently lining up together against tiny Israel. Iran is increasing the volume of her threats against Israel every week. The nations aligned with Iran are sitting like vultures on Israel’s borders waiting for a signal to launch a devastating attack. The aim behind their plans is to totally annihilate the Jewish State. Israel’s enemies believe that they can finally succeed in achieving this objective. What will be the result of this war and when will it be launched? The Bible is the only source with an answer to this solemn question and this is your chance to read what it will be. Read Psalm 83 and Zechariah 12 and you will begin to understand what has been predicted.

An Imminent Event In the Foreseeable Future?

Of all the major issues that currently face our world and its future security, the one most likely to happen next is a massive attack upon Israel launched by all Israel’s nearby neighbors backed and incited by Iran. The clear indications of such an attack have been proclaimed and demonstrated by feverish activities on the part of Iran together with Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon. The attack, although made directly on Israel, will have devastating worldwide repercussions powerfully affecting every nation on earth. In many ways our world will be changed forever. If this proposed attack were to succeed and the State of Israel was annihilated, the whole plan of redemption as revealed in the Bible would be derailed. Jehovah’s plan to rule the world from David’s throne in Jerusalem would immediately become defunct. How strange that so few people seem to be vitally aware of this impending drama and the apparent proximity of it.
Zechariah is a minor prophet with a major prophetic message, part of which is likely to be fulfilled in the very near future. When this happens Israel will emerge as an extremely prominent nation winning great respect and will be recognized and honored by all the nations on earth. The prophet Zechariah graphically describes this amazing event. In the Message Version of the Bible the prophet frequently refers to “The Big Day” which is usually translated in other versions as “In that day.” In fact it will be a bigger day than almost anyone has ever yet imagined. It will be a truly amazing and astounding time when Israel will arise as though from the dead! (Romans 11:15).
I firmly believe these enemies to be the same ones that Asapah described in Psalms 83:4-8
4 "Come," they say, "let us wipe out Israel as a nation. We will destroy the very memory of its existence."
5 This was their unanimous decision. They signed a treaty as allies against you —
6 these Edomites and Ishmaelites, Moabites and Hagrites,
7 Gebalites, Ammonites, and Amalekites, and people from Philistia and Tyre.
8 Assyria has joined them, too, and is allied with the descendants of Lot. NLT
Each of these ancient and historic foes of Israel have their modern counterparts today surrounding the borders of modern Israel. They have all formed an alliance the chief aim of which is the conquest of Israel and the annihilation of the Jewish State which they intend to replace with an Islamic Shariah based government.
I further believe that this attack and its amazing consequence is about to happen very soon. This war now already seems to be inevitable. It also appears to be very imminent. Such an End time war was predicted in Islamic prophecy and many Muslims believe that it will happen very soon. They are currently and fanatically preparing for it. Their plans are in place. Iran is boldly and arrogantly proclaiming its intentions to the whole world. They and their minions are absolutely determined to launch a massive attack upon Israel. They are totally steadfast to let nothing deter them. However when their efforts fail, there will be tremendous “loss of face” and shock among them. There will be a massive capitulation of Islamic forces.
The question is, what will be the response of God who calls Himself “The Holy One of Israel” and also “The Lord (Commander) of Heaven’s Armies”? It seems obvious that Zechariah 12:9-11 provides a succinct prophetic account of what His response will be.


All His prophetic predictions and plans would become null and void if Israel was destroyed. The very many wonderful positive promises that God has made to Israel would not be worth the paper on which they are written. However, Israel will be defended, delivered and exalted through divine intervention.
Zechariah Chapter 12 (Message Version)
Let’s go through the whole chapter making some brief pertinent comments,

Zechariah 12:1 (Message Version)
1 War Bulletin: GOD's Message concerning Israel, GOD's Decree—the very GOD who threw the skies into space, set earth on a firm foundation, and breathed his own life into men and women:

Zechariah 12 is likened to a News Bulletin for the world. It is called “Israel’s Big Day.” Zechariah predicts that in the last days a devastating attack will be launched on Israel by all her surrounding neighbours. The violent attack will actually be a declaration of war against Jehovah, the God of the Bible (Psalm 83:2). Initially it will be a very grave time indeed for Israel. It will even appear to be the day of Israel’s total annihilation. It is intended to be so devastating that Israel will disappear from the world’s memory bank and history books.
2 "Watch for this: I'm about to turn Jerusalem into a cup of strong drink that will have the people who have set siege to Judah and Jerusalem staggering in a drunken stupor.

The amazing nation that God has restored after 2,000 years of exile would be eradicated from human history. However, in response to the ferocious attack God will give an intoxicating drink to Israel’s enemies causing them to stagger and reel like drunken men acting irrationally and irresponsibly. This will be a cup of judgment from the LORD who is the Holy One of Israel.
3 "On the Big Day, I'll turn Jerusalem into a huge stone blocking the way for everyone. All who try to lift it will rupture themselves. All the pagan nations will come together and try to get rid of it.
God will make Jerusalem like a huge immovable rock. All those who strive to change its status will only succeed in rupturing themselves. Their ranks will be torn apart. In their confusion they will begin to destroy each other. The status of Jerusalem will not be altered though all the nations on earth will desire otherwise.
4 "On the Big Day"—this is GOD speaking—"I'll throw all the war horses into a crazed panic, and their riders along with them. But I'll keep my eye on Judah, watching out for her at the same time that I make the enemy horses go blind.
Israel’s enemies and their weapons will lose all sense of reality and direction. They will cease to function rationally and intelligently. All the Hi tech weapons that Israel’s enemies may use will become disoriented and ineffective. They will lose their ability to reach their intended targets.
5 The families of Judah will then realize, 'Why, our leaders are strong and able through GOD-of-the-Angel-Armies, their personal God.'
The Israeli government and leaders and the general population of Israel will become filled with an unusual feeling of assurance. They will transfer their confidence and trust from the Israel Defense Force to Yaweh Sabaoth, the Lord of heaven’s armies. The word leaders is a translation of Alluphim, the modern Hebrew word for Generals. This verse implies that all the top military Generals in charge of Israel’s security will transfer their faith and confidence from the Israel Defense Force to the LORD of heaven’s armies. This will happen because the attack will appear to be too powerful for the defense force to handle and the whole nation will turn directly and desperately to the living God. As a direct result the nation will experience the peace of God despite the massive attack launched against them.
6 "On the Big Day, I'll turn the families of Judah into something like a burning match in a tinder-dry forest, like a fiercely flaming torch in a barn full of hay. They'll burn up everything and everyone in sight—people to the right, people to the left—while Jerusalem fills up with people moving in and making themselves at home—home again in Jerusalem.
Infused by the power of God, Israel’s defense forces will become like a blazing fire destroying everything before it (Psalm 83:14). Israel’s forces will become like a prairie fire in a forest that is tinder dry. They will swoop on their enemies like blazing rockets. The forests will turn to ashes before the devouring flames of God’s fierce anger against Israel’s enemies.
7 "I, GOD, will begin by restoring the common households of Judah so that the glory of David's family and the leaders in Jerusalem won't overshadow the ordinary people in Judah.
8 On the Big Day, I'll look after everyone who lives in Jerusalem so that the lowliest, weakest person will be as glorious as David and the family of David itself will be godlike, like the Angel of GOD leading the people.
Jehovah Himself will personally defend Jerusalem. Even the most feeble members of the nation will become like King David, the warrior king of Israel. (Hebrew for feeble is kashal, which means - likely to stumble and fall due to weakness in the lower legs. This is typical of tiny tots learning to walk or elderly people whose legs have lost their natural strength). The amazing victory will be credited to the whole nation, not simply to the very elite.
9 "On the Big Day, I'll make a clean sweep of all the godless nations that fought against Jerusalem.
The armed alliance of nearby nations that has launched the fierce attack will be totally destroyed. Even the nations that have only given tacit approval to the attack will be severely diminished in confidence. Every nation, including our own, needs to exercise great caution in its attitude and actions in respect of Israel at this critical time in human history.
10 "Next I'll deal with the family of David and those who live in Jerusalem. I'll pour a spirit of grace and prayer over them. They'll then be able to recognize me as the One they so grievously wounded—that piercing spear-thrust! And they'll weep—oh, how they'll weep! Deep mourning as of a parent grieving the loss of the firstborn child.
Let’s Examine Zechariah 12:9 -10, In The Good News Bible:
Zechariah 12:9 At that time I will destroy1 every nation that tries to attack Jerusalem.
Zechariah 12:10 "I will fill the descendants of David2 and the other people of Jerusalem3 with the spirit4 of mercy5 and the spirit of prayer6. They will look7 at the one whom they stabbed to death, and they will mourn8 for him like those who mourn for an only child. They will mourn bitterly9, like those who have lost their first-born son10.
The earlier verses of this profound chapter (vs 1-8) describe an End Time attack on Israel by all her surrounding neighbors.
1. V. 9. God declares that His specific intention is to destroy* Israel’s enemies (Hebrew shamad*, to desolate, overthrow, bring to nought, pluck down, cause to perish) How much clearer could God’s intention be stated?
2. V.10 The house of David. All the descendants of David whose lineage descends from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. (Romans 11:25-27 All Israel will be saved).
3. V. 10. The inhabitants of Jerusalem which today is comprised of Jews, Christians and Muslims will personally witness this staggering event. It will impact powerfully on their psyche diminishing and destroying their self confidence and aspirations.
4. V. 10 . The Spirit (Hebrew, ruach) The definite participle, THE SPIRIT refers to the Holy Spirit who is God. This is not merely a spirit. It is THE HOLY SPIRIT. When God poured out the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost 3,000 people were transformed but when He pours out the Spirit once again as in Zechariah 12:10, a whole nation will be transformed!
5. V.10. The Spirit of Grace and mercy (Hebrew: chen H2603 Graciousness, kindness and unmerited favor). God will not perform these acts because Israel is necessarily worthy of them or deserve such intervention but because of His unfailing grace towards them. (Isaiah 31:35-37) This amazing event will not occur because of anything that Israel has done or not done. It will eventuate purely because of the grace and mercy of God and because He is a covenant keeping God.
6. V.10. They shall look (Hebrew: nabat H5027 to look intently upon, to behold, to carefully consider with deep respect, to regard with pleasure and favor). It will be a gaze of recognition. When they see Him they will immediately recognize Him.
7. V.10. Supplications (Hebrew: tachanun – tachanunah H8469, with much {many} entreaties). Many prayers and entreaties will be in the mouths of Israelis and others too. They will plead for mercy from a merciful God
8. V.11. Mourning (Hebrew: saphad H5594, to tear out one’s hair, to beat the chest, to lament in grief). The national grief of Israel over the Messiah will be deep and genuine. It will not be merely recited religious prayers but genuine mourning and deep grief.
9. V.11. Bitterness (Hebrew: marar H4843, to grieve bitterly). The national mourning will be like the mourning of Israel over the death of King Josiah (2 Chronicles 35:25).
10. V.11. Firstborn son (Hebrew: b’kor H1060, A firstborn, eldest son). The firstborn son that Israel will recognize will be their own Messiah whom they failed to recognize when he first appeared. But then they will embrace and accept Him with great gladness and relief. (All translations from Strong’s Analytical Concordance)
It is very alarming to see what most Christian commentators deduce from these verses. Very few if any, seem to draw the very obvious conclusion. My brief and simple interpretation is as follows. Israel’s nearest neighbors, with both direct and tacit support of several other nations, will launch a powerful attack on Israel with the intention to totally annihilate the Jewish State. It would appear to the natural mind that they have the weapons and determination to accomplish this aim.
Israel will be delivered only by the direct intervention of Jehovah and the “Angel of the Lord” who goes before the Israeli defense force. The Angel of the LORD is a code name for the Messiah. God has determined to completely destroy these enemies and smash their evil intentions.
After this predicted victory Jehovah will pour out His Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh) upon the descendants of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem. This outpouring will be accomplished by God’s grace, and appropriate supplications causing deep prayers to pour forth from the people of Israel. They will recognize and identify the deliverer as their long awaited Messiah, the One who was previously pierced. The whole nation will mourn for Him in a manner not seen since the death of King Josiah. (2 Chronicles 35:20-27).
They will mourn as one would for a first born son who has died. Zechariah 13:1"On that day a fountain will be opened for the dynasty of David and for the people of Jerusalem, a fountain to cleanse them from all their sins and defilement. The whole nation of Israel will have a new revelation of their Messiah. They will be sealed with God’s protection and will powerfully proclaim the Messiah to a troubled, utterly confused and distressed world. (Revelation 7:1-8).
It is surely time for all people and particularly Christians to earnestly search the Bible and allow God to speak to them concerning prophetic events that will soon come to pass.

Gerald Rowlands.
Nambour, Queensland