Saturday, April 17, 2010


God has made many glorious prophetic pledges to Israel promising peace, prosperity, exaltation and great spiritual blessings. Sadly the Church has taken most of them to herself leaving Israel with only predictions of gloom and judgment during the Great Tribulation. The Church has assigned the many positive promises for Israel to fulfilment in the Millennium but I personally believe that many of these will actually be fulfilled before the Millennium. A considerable number of these predictions were made through the writings of Isaiah. I believe the fulfilment of these and others will transpire following Zechariah 12: 9, 10.

Something amazing and glorious beyond description is about to happen soon in Israel. Although this event was predicted long ago, the full implication of it has been largely overlooked and ignored by the majority of Bible students. The astounding impact of this major fulfilment of prophecy will utterly transform the nation and land of Israel. Although the predicted scenario will commence with a massive attack on Israel it will not only conclude with their gaining a surprising victory beyond belief, it will also include a glorious spiritual re-birth for the nation. This fulfilment of a major Bible prophecy appears to be the next item on God’s prophetic agenda and is likely to happen in the very near future. The scene is already set for it with Israel’s enemies sitting like vultures on her borders. The prophecy in Zechariah 12:10, involves a private appearance of the Messiah to the nation of Israel and their subsequent recognition and acceptance of Him with deep mourning and intense grief. He will appear in the role of Commander in Chief of heaven’s armies who has led their nation to victory against overwhelming odds. The Holy Spirit will then be poured out on the descendants of King David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Grace and fervent supplications will fill the hearts and mouths of the recipients.

Gerald Rowlands

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