Monday, July 18, 2011


From a purely military perspective Israel currently faces the possibility of total destruction. Extreme Islamic fanaticism plus an arsenal of missiles and weapons of mass destruction could equal a massive elimination of the tiny nation. Islamic prophecy demands the eradication of all infidels (Jews and Christians) from the land they call Palestine. Before Islam can subdue the whole world it must first conquer Israel. These are the words of Muhammad himself and his true followers are completely dedicated to attaining this goal. Current voices of radical Islam are fervently calling for the total destruction of Israel that even the very memory of its existence will be forever eliminated.

Most nations on earth are now in favour of an Islamic Palestinian State through a program engineered and supported by the United Nations Organisation under pressure from Islamic nations. Such a State would be a gigantic step towards the possible imminent annihilation of Israel. The perverted power of UNO may well create the Palestinian State in the very near future. An unthinkable victory for Islam that would eradicate Israel would render the Bible completely unreliable. The prophecies and promises of God that guarantee Israel’s future safety would become null and void. Thus His character would be irrevocably flawed. And with that the whole Bible would be considered unreliable.

Meanwhile, the Church for the most part, seems completely oblivious of the universal havoc that the planned attack on Israel could produce. The Church like the rest of the world seems to be blissfully ignorant of how serious a situation the world is in. Everyone, including the Church is acting as though nothing serious is amiss. Despite the blatant signs of unrest the Church is engaged in its business as usual mentality. It is also willingly ignorant of the essential role of Israel in the prophetic purposes of God. It is also completely unaware of what the negative impact of such an Islamic victory would have on Christianity, the Bible and the God of the Bible. Thankfully such a victory will never happen, but defeat will only be averted by a direct, supernatural intervention of God. (Zechariah 12:9).

The challenge to stand with and pray passionately for Israel has never been greater than at this present moment. The battle lines are currently drawn between Yaweh and the anti-Christ. There is no middle neutral ground. If we are not fervently and practically standing with Israel and the Holy One of Israel then we are standing in opposition to God Himself. This great battle which is currently taking place in the heavens will soon be enacted on the earth. The attack that is launched on Israel will have universal repercussions. No nation or individual will be exempt from the aftermath. Now is the imperative moment to take a stand on the side of God and righteousness. It must be a strong determined action involving total commitment. The prophetic future is invading the present hour. The outcome of this present hour will have eternal effects. The decision that this current situation demands is the most important matter that all Christians currently face. Nothing on our Christian agenda is more important than our attitude and actions regarding the tremendous threats that Israel currently faces. The words of scripture echo once again. Joshua 24:15.

Choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. KJV


  1. I really wished to see maybe two solutions:
    1.) An Israely-Palestinian Federation, with would unite the State of Israel and the palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza. The capital of Israel would be Tel Avviv. The capital of the palestinians would be Hebron, or elsewhere. The FEDERAL CAPITAL would be JERUSALEM. So, both sides would have the Holy City as their capital. The rights of the inhabitants would be equal, but matters of security and police would be handed by Israel. The Supreme Court would have equal humber of representatives, and, in case of stalemate, I don´t know ... There would be an solution inspirated by God.
    The Federal Senate would have an parity of 51 for Israel and 49 for Palestine.
    The practice of religion would be free, but there would be a commitee to studie the feseabiility of how these practices wouldn´t interfere with the practices of the others religions.
    Sharia would not be allowed as law. It should be a law voted by the majority of the Parliament.
    2.) To create an Palestinian State in the lands of Sinai (payment to Egypt) or Negev (not so good solution). Would be necessary deviate some water from the right arm of the Nile (Suez), pump it bellow the Suez Canal and irrigate Sinai and/or Negev. The power tu pump it - solar energy, eolic energy, waste energy (biogas), even some oil.
    Who would pay for it ? Israel + arab states + World Bank, etc.
    But it is all dreams, because the islamic fundamentalists just want TO CONQUER THE WORLD AND DESTRUCT ISRAEL.
    So, unfortunatelly, when they start the war, they will have to be crushed, in order to make a feasible State of Israel, secure for it´s people.
    But everything is around money - if the UNO arranges some ways to pay for the palestinians who lost their lands in the last 65 years, plus the palestinians which still lives inside Israel, West Bank and Gaza (the last three, if reimbursed, would depart) and if the arab states accepted the old and new coming palestinians as their rightfull citizens, maybe the world would breath easyer...
    But it is all DREAMS ...
    I just don´t want to see an world war, another one.
    Nor I think the solution is to erradicate the arabes from the Middle East.
    But, if they really wants to erase Israel and the Christemdom, they shall have such a kind of answer (not a genocide), that in the next 1000 years they would be ... quiet.
    The same about their crazy madness to conquer the world with immigration (stop, send back), to conquer all Philipines (maybe an independent "Moros" state in Mindanao)to erase ArmĂȘnia (ArmĂȘnia and Georgia should allies themselves with Russia, the only powerfull Christian state able to protect both tiny christians states).
    But, after all, the muslims wants to conquer the world. If they raise the world, it will be necessary to cut off their hand ... not liberaly.
    Peace for Israel
    Peace for Christians
    Peace for Arabs/Muslins
    Peace for Hindus
    Peace for Budhists.
    & Others

  2. Also, sorry for my horrible English.
    The last world in my last comment was "literaly", not "liberaly"

  3. My father (a famous Brazilian engineer) worked in Baghdah in the early 80´s, building the Baghda´s subway.
    At that time it seemed that Iraq was allied to the West in an struggle against Iran.
    I am not making any value about the Iraq/Iran war. It was an stupid war, as almost every other war.
    But my father told me something I never still have in mind. An arab man told him that "Israel is no problem. We will reconquer it in the next 200 years...".
    Think - Mesopotamia (Iraq) exist for nearly 6000 years or more. 200 years are nothing for them.
    It is scaring.

    I also saw a map that says that the Land of Israel, promised by God himself, would include all Israel, Palestinian territories, parts of Jordania, parts of Siria and all Lebanon.

    Well, it would be a feasable long living State of Israel.

    But, in order to achieve it, I think it is unhuman, un christian, do not reimburse all the non jewish inhabitants of these areas for their lands, not forgetting the people who already lost their lands since 1947.

    So, I still have hopes of some peacefull sollution ...

    Jesus will return. I am sure of it. But, couldn´t be a more peacefull sollution than terrible war ?

    If it is already writen, well, I will wait to see and hope the Christemdom and Israel wins, altough I HATE wars.

    May God be with WE all.